Religion/Bad Breath

Religion/Bad Breath

Religion is like bad breath – You don’t know you have it, but everybody else does – Religion & tradition is such a terrible thing –

Most people’s perception of Jesus is through you, the church – God is not religious – You are the only Bible that some will ever read – Religion can’t handle pink hair… God loves you so much! – Hide God’s word in your heart and obey it. – Your life must be that of GREAT FAITH! – The WoG must be your final authority.

The devil wasn’t kicked out of Heaven because he ran off w/the church organist – He was kicked out because of PRIDE!

Ps. 18:32 – (when you have a revelation of the WAYS of God, He’ll make your way perfect)

Natural person’s ways and God’s ways are a world apart!

Religion and tradition are terrible:
Mark 7:13—“…Making the Word of God of NONE effect through your TRADITION…”

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