On the Rock

You House Will Stand

There’s a PRICE to pay for the anointing -EVERYTHING- You and God negotiating – For where you are in your life, based on the covenant w/JC? – The anointing is not on you because you are so holy, but because the ‘way’ has been made through the Blood of JC for you to make the transaction – some say they want a double portion of the anointing – but can’t even handle the little bit of persecution that is coming.

It’s not your will, it’s His will – it’s not your purpose, it’s His purpose. It’s not your way, it’s His way… – If you don’t know His word then you don’t know how to negotiate – Lord, Your Word says…. and I expect it! – It is mine, mine, mine, mine… There are 30,000 promises in God’s word! – I said 30,000!!! – I didn’t say 2, 5, a dozen, 36; I said 30,000 connected w/this covenant that you and I can do transactions on the basis on the WoG – God invites you personally to come and get involved (Isaiah 1:18-20 – “Come now let us reason together…”).

Come let us reason together – how many of you have ever gotten together and reasoned w/someone? If you don’t have the Word of God you have NOTHING. When you build your house on the WoG, your house will stand – Heaven & Earth will pass away, but My Word will never pass away. Amen.

The devil is legalistic, and if you don’t know the scriptures he does. He’ll quote it and miss-quote it. He’ll come and say, ‘has God really said…?’ If he came to Jesus, what makes you think he won’t come to you. If he came to Jesus and tempted him, he will come to you and tempt you. You must know the Word more than the devil. The devil doesn’t want you to walk in the blessings of this Covenant. You are unstoppable if you know who you are. When the devil brings up your past you can remind him of his future.

–12 Pillars of Faith – iPod Shuffle – Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne