A Pillar of faith – WORSHIP – by Rodney Howard-Browne

A Pillar of faith - WORSHIP - by Rodney Howard-Browne

A Pillar of faith (WORSHIP)

You don’t have to do a backward somersault to worship God – Just need to sit under the Word and let God deal with you… Jonah in the belly of the fish you will cry out to the Lord – that’s true worship! The 3 Hebrew children thrown into the fiery furnace had a Jericho march in the middle of the fire! What killed the others, they were worshiping in. Daniel in the lion’s den – lions were kept hungry.

Everything else will come to an end, but worship will never quit and never end, it will be forever… Some people think that worship is about having a connection to get to the portal in that ‘place’ – NOT TRUTH!! Some think that there is a portal in Jerusalem under the Temple Mount… Not saying that you can’t have an experience in Jerusalem –

Even if they found the Arc of the Covenant, there would be NOTHING in it.

True worshipers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth – God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth. People don’t understand the difference in the old and the new covenant. When Jesus cried, “It is FINISHED!,” the veil was torn and now the HS lives on the inside of you. We are here to worship together corporately, but He lives on the inside of you.

All that stuff is DONE AWAY WITH because of a place called Pentecost! If worship is going to take place it takes place from my heart. I don’t need a bishop or a priest who I have to go to in order to communicate with God –

2 Tim 2:15 – “…rightly divide the Word of truth…”

There’s a distinctive difference in the old and the new. TRUE worshipers will worship in Spirit and Truth – I’m not worshiping on my own. I yield to the Spirit and allow Him to rise up BIG on the inside of me – Everything changed at Calvary. Your body is the TEMPLE of the Holy God. Regardless of what comes against you…

If some people showed up as an honored guest with the countenance like they do when they come to church… the host would be hurt.

Send your face a text and say: J.O.Y.

How many of you would like it if I came to your house and sat there with a long face….?

I said text, not fax, or email yourself…..

This has nothing to do with where you stand, what direction you’re facing, whether you’re sitting or standing…. He’s on the inside of you and it don’t matter what your posture….

If there is nothing to celebrate on Sunday then that shows me that nothing happened in your church (temple) all week for you to celebrate.

If your cup doesn’t run over now, then when does it run over? Without the presence of God all you have is tradition and emptiness… You can bow down and beat yourself – as many do in different religions – JESUS HAS DONE IT ALL!

Just come with an open and pure heart and exalt Him and worship, honor, and lift Him.

An arrogant person cannot worship – because in order to worship you have to humble yourself – because He’s greater than you…. when we can’t worship is when we put our problems before Him

What would have to happen make you worship?

The first ‘Jail House Rock’ happened when the angel rocked the jail and allowed Paul and Silas to go free.

Some only want to praise in the good times/things – but the Bible says, “Bring a sacrifice of praise…” Lift up your voice

Without the presence of God you will still worship something – you will worship a golden calf – (Ex. 32)

You can take the people out of Egypt, but you can’t get Egypt out of them… same with people in the world – you can take them out of the world, but you can’t get the world out of them. They want to turn every service into a ritual.

It’s the flesh trying to ‘make’ something happen (striving) – true worship is of the Spirit and it’s Spirit led and I don’t have to force it.

v.6 “And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play.” People know how to party, but they don’t know how to enter into worshiping the Lord.

Some worship the preacher, the denomination, and/or the church. We are to worship JESUS! Lift Him up, Honor Him, Exalt Him!! If we allow man to come between Jesus and us, then we’ve lifted up man into that place. You can’t allow anybody to come between you and the Lord. They didn’t not pay the price and shed their blood, but Jesus did.

Some worship their church building. Everybody is gone and left the place, but they’re holding on to the building as an idol – idol worshipers. JUST BE ATTACHED TO JESUS & NOTHING ELSE!

Be attached to Jesus and winning souls for Him! – Don’t allow people’s inactivity w/God to cause you to loose your walk w/Him or their non-excitement cause you to be depressed. LOVE HIM – Shout it from the mountain tops and the roof tops – He is awesome – He is wonderful! Glory to God forevermore!

When we look at the children of Israel we are shocked,,,, but it’s no different then the 21st century church. They’ve got a golden calf for every day of the week…

And going around shooting them don’t make you too popular. Amen? When you start dealing w/golden calves people don’t like it…. Get rid of it all!! Strip it away!

Anything that takes away from the presence of God is a golden calf. We don’t need anything but our hearts and His presence. As we worship, His presence is manifested. He is omnipresence, but when we worship He manifest & His presence is available.

Anything can happen and it probably will. Hallelujah!

If you look at some, you’ll see that they don’t carry the presence of God. If fact, if you have them around for any amount of time, you feel drained. I’m not talking about excitement or charisma… I’m talking about His presence.

You see, the penitential is available for everyone. Throughout history, men and women have carried the presence of God… God does not play favorites. Ask yourself the question, “Do I carry the presence of God?” No by opening your mouth, but just showing up…

So many don’t carry the presence because everything happens between their ears (head). When you make the switch you’ll be connected. In Him we live, move, and have our being… We are living in two different worlds (mind/flesh). Natural/Supernatural, when you learn to live from your spirit-man you will be a carrier and you’ll leak wherever you go…

The Bible says we have a treasure in earthen vessels – is it something that we only take out on Sundays and package it back up after the service? You can be worshiping the Lord and standing anywhere. Just worship Him…. Just worship Him…

2 Chron. 5:7 – (2 types of Pentecost) – “The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.” – The house was filled w/a cloud and the priest couldn’t stand to minister – they were overwhelmed – true worship overwhelms an individual – think about when you were in the world and you smoked weed – you got beside yourself and you were worshiping. – your in church now and there’s nothing to smoke, but there is nothing to smoke – but there’s something to drink… and when you drink you will get beside yourself – THERE’S NO PLACE FOR THE FLESH IN THE GLORY!!

Flesh wants to be seen – the Spirit wants to worship! “The fire fell” (2 Chron). When the fire falls awesome things happen – there’s nothing wrong with you that a little more of the fire won’t cure

Eph 5:18 – “Be not drunk w/wine where in excess – be filled w/the HS” – In the same sentence – there is a reason why these two are mentioned together because one is the opposite to the other – they both involve intoxication.

In order to be drunk, one needs to be inebriated – is it possible to be inebriated w/God’s presence? Have you every been intoxicated with the ‘alcoholic drink?’ –

Is it possible that you could be intoxicated w/God’s presence?? IS IT POSSIBLE?? It’s not the ones that fall in the barrel that I’m talking to, it’s the one’s who sit there and just look at the preacher…. I’m trying to help you… GET CAUGHT UP W/HIM!!

2 Cor 5:13 – “For whether we be beside ourselves, it is to God: or whether we be sober, it is for your cause.”

–>NO one is benefited from being in their right mind.

When people get to that place of intoxication w/God – worship flows like a RIVER – if you’re not worshiping the Lord, you are worshiping something – if you are sitting there with a problem on the forefront of your mind and not setting your mind on Him – you are worshiping that problem…. You have let the problem be bigger than God….

Eph 5:19 – “…speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.” – If you have to start off with a psalm then do it… Go to Psalm 23 and read it aloud. Keep on going until you get HIGH on the MOST High –

“But those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

This is for EVERYBODY!! – When you were in the world you could go and find you a drink if you wanted one…. same goes with worship… GO GET YOU SOME!!

Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs…. Songs that come by the Spirit — Songs that will rise up in the night hour – you will find yourself singing unto Him – sing unto Him – worship Him!!

Make melody in your heart…. That’s pretty awesome….

NT worship is Spirit led – and – Uses music that glorifies God and not just singing about things – the Word content is inline w/the scriptures – Amen. – Worship is about JESUS, not about us.

That’s why songs that are all about Him will carry you right into true worship. I don’t want any of the golden calf, not a foot, or a horn off of the thing… You can’t worship with an arrogant heart – you must forget about yourself & other people – FOCUS on Him and give Him praise, honor, and glory…. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday… You simply practice on Sunday with the congregation.

You do it for yourself – even if you can’t sing… just make a joyful noise unto the Lord….

@Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne

In conclusion, I am led to say for you to be careful not to study doctrines of demons. If so, your foundation and your pillars will never stand. You only have to ‘not be ignorant of satan’s devises,’ you don’t have to know him… KNOW Jesus and you will be aware of all of satan’s devises. – I don’t know why I felt the need to conclude with this…

There are so many people (you know who you are), who are preaching and teaching on deliverance and they have never even built a solid foundation of Truth. So, ultimately they are entertaining the very lies and the demons that got them in a place of bondage to begin with.

I love you to much to see you wain into oblivion when there is such a great calling upon your life… REPENT and dig into the TRUTHS of the WORD – steer clear of the other junk…. AMEN!? ~Regina


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